journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Chiang Mai

Sep 26, 2008 Fri
03:00Chiang Mai
06:45on train
train arrived Chiang mai at around 7:15am
08:13 chiang mai breakfast
09:50elephant ride
The elephants stopped once a while to beg for bananas. It refused to move if it wasn't fed. Sometimes, it spit on your face when its demand was ignored. It was funny for the first few times, but soon it became annoying.
11:41 elephant army
11:59 thai elephant tourists
12:33 mother and baby elephants in chiang mai
12:35 elephant drinking
15:00city walk
15:51 katam corner
16:06Wat Mahawanq
16:16 donal duck in buddhist temple
17:20Doi Suthep
The temple was 600 years old
17:24 doi suthep
17:33white elephant
17:36 white elephant lizard
17:41 monk and dog in doi suthep
17:52 lotus offering
18:03 monday buddha
19:45Thai boxing
23:59People's Place
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