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marching band
dateWed 2010-11-10 15:30:38
flashYes (manual, red eye reduction mode)
distantwalk 0.34 km (or 5 mins) NE from last photo
locationMap of "marching band"
modelCanon PowerShot G11 width2736
height3648 focal6.1mm
timing0.0080 s (1/125) aperturef/8.0
iso80 whitebalanceAuto
meteringmatrix latitudeN 37d 7m 51.161s
longitudeW 6d 29m 11.6196s elevation1.42m
continentEurope countrySpain
regionAndalucia itinerarySeville To El Rocio
activityTown Walk eventMorocco to Spain
weatherSunny citySeville, El Rocio
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