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phousi temple
dateWed 2008-10-01 17:58:07
flashYes (manual, red eye reduction mode)
eventTrekking to Kuang Si Falls
distantsame location as last photo
locationMap of "phousi temple"
modelCanon PowerShot G9 width3000
height4000 focal7.4mm
timing0.017 s (1/60) aperturef/5.6
iso80 whitebalanceManual
meteringmatrix latitudeN 19d 53m 24.527s
longitudeE 102d 8m 12.9086s elevation369.86m
continentAsia countryLaos
regionSouth East Asia cityLuang Prabang
weatherSunny itineraryLuang Prabang
activityPhousi temple temperatureHot
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